Getting a Diamond out of coal

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I think the basic of developing a skill, a certain level of wisdom is really simple. You do it consistently for a certain period of time and you develop it.

It is much like the process of getting a diamond from a piece of coal. You rub the coal consistently for a long period of time and eventually, you get to the diamond.

Plain. Simple. And Boring.

What takes some people a long time to get the diamond and others relatively short are other factors.

We human beings are not born equally. Some are born rich, with supportive family & good genes while others poor, with abusive family and genetic errors.

Now obviously, a person born in the latter circumstances is going to take long time to get to the diamond as compared to the person born in former circumstances.

But if the person born in latter circumstances somehow manages to get to the diamond he will be far more powerful than the person born in former circumstances.

Because he will have learned not only how to carve the diamond. But he will also have learned a great deal about how to manage life problems and get the diamond Despite it!

Now if you ask me who will I go to if I want to learn how to carve a diamond out of coal, I will certainly go to the latter and not the former.

I hope you understand the analogy of this post.


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