How to open a Trading and Demat Account

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Opening a Trading and Demat Account is simple. Very Simple. I will tell you how:

I hope you know what Trading and Demat Accounts are and if not you can go to this post. In one line Trading account is where you will be placing your orders and Demat Account is where you will be keeping your shares.

Just like you open a bank account with a Bank, You open both Trading and Demat Account with a Broker. There are a vast variety of brokers in India. But I will spare you the pain of choosing a broker and  would recommend you to go with Zerodha.

I use this broker myself. I have chosen this broker after thoroughly researching other brokers. I have been using their services for over one year now. I am completely satisfied with their service and customer support. They don’t charge you any brokerage for delivery based orders. (In case you don’t know what ‘delivery based orders’ are these are the type of orders you will be placing if you invest for a long term).

Now, having chosen a broker, you just need to go to their website¬†and click on ‘open an Account’ and follow instructions . They have a very responsive and helpful sales team who will help you open an Account with no hassles. I have done it myself and got my account opened in about 15 days.


They will open both Trading and Demat account for you. If you have any difficulties in opening the account please Call or Whatsapp me on my no. +91 9039803477 or E-mail me @

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  1. Good one…… But if you’re keeping the posts short, you must post more frequently, let’s say, about every third day… Else blog visitors get to have the wholesome knowledge about shares in, err, quite a long time…. We as humans lack the “patience” thing, you know….. Kudos….

    1. Thanks for the feedback freddie. I will surely be posting more frequently. I am happy that you are finding the content useful.

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