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Today I found the secret why some dumb people get success in life while the intelligent ones work under less intelligent ones and underperform.

The secret is: TAKING ACTIONS

It is not about perfection. It is about creating just something. It is about having an instinct to ship. Because you can’t fix something that you don’t ship. It is about having something than nothing. Constantly putting your stuff out there and improving along the way.

My Top favourite quote is from Abraham Lincoln. He said:

“If you give me 6 hours to chop down a tree, I would spend 4 hours sharpening the axe”

Exactly, sharpening the axe is absolutely important. Which means that making a plan, having a strategy, improving your information etc. But…….Abe Lincoln has also kept 2 hours of the time for ACTUALLY CHOPPING DOWN THE TREE.

The task here is to chop down the tree. If a person just keeps sharpening the axe then he has failed at the task.  This is the reason why we must focus on taking massive actions, without worrying too much about anything.

We need to maintain a balance between sharpening the axe and chopping down the tree. If either is not there a person may not reach the best possible outcome.


  1. The philosophy floating around these days stresses the importance of smart work over hard work….. You get to see smart work being applauded and encouraged these days…… But what people fail to realise is that smart work isn’t an alternative for hard work…… Even if one is moving smart, he does need to work hard…. After all, it’s hard work that has brought about success to people since ages, and that, coupled with smart work shall surely help you win laurels…..

    1. Wow! Thanks for the awesome comment moneylover. Your comment has made this post even better. I have started to realise this recently. No matter how smart you become, hard work or taking rapid and consistent actions will always beat inactions.

      What happens is most people just keep analysing or gaining knowledge and don’t start at all. They suffer from “Analysis Paralysis” and I too suffered from this until recently.

      That is why it is absolutely important to take actions no matter how small it is and how “imperfect” it might seem. We can and do improve as we progress. Also, action cures fear!


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