My First on-camera YouTube Video

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Today I decided to do yet another daring thing!!! To get in front of my webcam and face my worst fear of recording a live video!! Pheew…..

Here is the link to the video. I was so nervous and feeling so funny in the starting that I couldn’t stop laughing. I hope you don’t run away while watching it…

I didn’t have any script and I didn’t prepare it beforehand. I was so excited that I just got on-camera and started recording. It was hard in the beginning but later in the video, it had become slightly easy. I am glad that I did it.

I am planning to make more videos like this and focus improving my 0n-camera skills.

Thanks for reading and watching (if you did watch). Don’t forget to tell me how did you find the video. Did you find it funny? Did you find it informative? Please share your thoughts below. I would love to hear it.




  1. Frankly, the smile of yours wasn’t exactly funny or weird or nervous, but was giving some sort of a happy vibe and making it look like the person is jovial, cool or, say, cheerful….. Can’t guess why you went so serious and sincere later on, making first time viewers like me get puzzled about your personality…… You look like a sincere guy with lots of modesty…… Anyways, wish you success in your Youtube pursuit…. I hope it’s just another beginning……

    1. Hi Asmita! Thanks for dropping by. It seems I have multiple personalities just like a chameleon 😀

      By the way were you able to understand what I was trying to explain??

  2. Of course…. I got it…. As anything other than rocket science is not really as hard as rocket science I believe….. And btw, your language and explanation is so easy that it works…..

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