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Today I am going to do something very brave. I am going to publish my first podcast. Yay! You can listen to it from the link below:

I will not lie, I am too embarrassed publishing this. But this is a bitter pill I have to take I guess. I wanted to start podcasting for very long time and now it is high time I started doing it.

I think I will get better the more I do it and that is the primary reason I am publishing it though it is not perfect.

In this podcast, I talk about a video that I watched on crash course Economics titled “Money and Finance”. They tell us what money really is and what did people in ancient times use as money.

Link to a documentary from NatGeo about money:


If you managed to listen to my first podcast till the end I wholeheartedly want to thank you. I am sure you will get to listen to an improved version of that in upcoming podcasts from me.

Thank you so much again. See you next time!!


    1. Thank you so much bro for your support. Podcasting is a really useful medium through which I can serve more content with my audience. I wanted to do it for a long time

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