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I think I first need to write as much as I can. Because You see, whenever I pause the video or an article that I am reading and get up from my seat (to think), I couldn’t think. I just get overwhelmed by everything that I have just read or watched.

I can’t think properly. And thus the knowledge or the desired outcome by watching/doing that thing gets mitigated.

Writing my stuff down would allow me to “Record my consciousness” as Jason Silva says.

It is like talking to a mirror. You are first creating things, then also, you are the one who could read it. How awesome is that!

So, from now on I would try to practice writing as much as I can about different things. Every new idea or a piece of knowledge I come across. Any incident or experience I experience.

There is some sort of divine beauty in being able to tell your experience, being able to show someone how you feel. Being able to explore your own thoughts.

Writing is like converting yourself into a miniature human being and getting inside your (own) head and seeing whatever is inside. You get to see your own thought, your own experiences more clearly and with a completely different perspective.

You might not believe it but its true and I have felt it. I literally feel a lightness and a cooling sensation in my head when I write or after I have expressed (through writing) my opinion about something. I feel like a burden has been taken off my shoulder.

I have recently read this article on that talks about writing in a completely different way.

It says that Writing is a tool to think! 

Couldn’t agree with it more. Yes, definitely it is a tool to think. Not only a tool to think but a tool to learn. A tool to structure the thoughts inside your head.

It has happened with me tons of time. Before sitting to write down about something, I feel like I cannot write about it. Words, sentences, and ideas do not show up in my brain. But the moment I grab my pen and write that one sentence, another sentence pops up in my head, which leads to another and that leads to another and before I realize I have written a full blog post!!

It also says that writing is a problem-solving tool, which is also true because we can solve an extremely complex problem by first, bringing whatever is in our head to paper and then arranging & rearranging its different parts to arrive at the solution.

Writing is a magical thing. The more you do it the better you get at it. What do you think?


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