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In this podcast I share two big ideas from my favourite personal finance book Rich Dad Poor Dad:

The Intelligent Indian Investor Podcast 003

(I am having some issue uploading files to WordPress and hence google drive. You can listen to the podcast by clicking above. Thank you for your patience)

  1. Asset Vs Liability

Listen to the podcast to know the difference. Robert goes against the traditional view that your house is an Asset

2. The concept of Financial Freedom

Basically, it is the concept of accumulating a lot of assets. Making your passive income from all those assets greater than your expenses and becoming free in the process.

I mentioned Robert’s educational game CASHFLOW in my podcast. You can also play it by going to

I want to thank you if you listened to the podcast. I hope it provided some value to you. Do let me know your thoughts on it via comments below.



  1. Nice podcast…. Are there anymore podcasts or articles coming up from ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ or would you be sharing stuff from some other best-seller in your later podcasts….

    1. I am not sure! We will see. To be honest I am experimenting a lot these days. The more I know, the more I know I don’t know.

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