Schools aren’t built for learning

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It is like killing the ability of a cheetah to run. It is like killing the ability of a fish to swim, or a bird to fly.

It deprives humans, bright creative kids, out of their creativity. Like a tiger’s weapon is its hunting skill, human’s weapon is his brain and his ability to solve interesting problems with his brain. And schools kill this very weapon right from when kids are 3 years old. My sister just got a baby and it is very sad to think that as soon as he will turn 3 he will be sent to these creativity sucking, motherfucker schools.

I just watched a bunch of TEDx Talks confirming my long held belief that schools are a scam. I had a lot of questions like why aren’t am I interested in things being taught? Why am I being taught irrelevant things? Why do I have to take permission from the teacher every time I had to pee?

Schools are a scam, purposely built to train kids to follow rules so that when they grow up they will be rule abiding employees. As pointed out in one of TED talk (around 5:35),  in 1893 a group of 10 people, policy makers, businessmen and government people, anticipated that they are going to need workers who will lack creativity and will do the same thing over and over again with accuracy (like robots). And hence our current school system was invented.

I had a really nice day today. I watched all of these TED talks. I gained valuable insights and validated some of my long held beliefs about schools.

Links to these TED talks are given below in case you also want to know how we are doomed by schools:-

The Surprising Truth about learning in Schools by Will Richardson

Toxic culture of education by Joshua Katz

Prepare Our kids for life, Not Standardized Tests by Ted Dintersmith

How School Makes kids less intelligent by Eddy Zhong

What if School taught us how to learn by Jonathan Levi

Also, I came across this very amusing Rant from this guy. I say you check it out yourself. I particularly liked its ending.


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  1. School- a means to promote and test generalized knowledge and practices at the cost of personalized attention and upliftment…

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