What is the real money?

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I’ll give you $1 Billion but if you don’t have the intelligence to spend it, it might perhaps be of no use.

A similar case would be to give a billion dollar to a chimp. He will just throw it away. There is an interesting question asked by someone somewhere:

If all the wealth of the world are collected and redistributed among all of its citizens, what would happen after next 20, 30 years?

~ It is extremely likely that the person who was rich will become rich again and the poor, poor again.

This is a very interesting phenomenon. The amount of money that any person or family has indicates something. The “amount” of money is just a “reflection” of something else.

That “something else” is the real money. It is because of that “Something else” that the rich person became rich in the first place and if wealth is redistributed will become rich again.

That “something else” could be a raaaange of things:

Wisdom, skill, being present at right place in right time, taking right decisions at right time, being in right environment, genetics, god gifts, natural talents, patience, persistence, association with right people, your trust with wise and influential people, growth mindset vs. fixed mindset, your good health, your time (an extremely valuable thing), your values and beliefs, your courage, your confidence, even your promiscuousness, access to right information, risk-taking abilities, luck, fortune, hard work, your upbringing, your family background, your parents’ educationĀ  and a gazillion other things.

So, before aspiring to be the richest person in the world, I think first I or for thatĀ matter, anyone else should understand what being rich really means. Because being rich is extremely subjective.

If you want to earn loads of money then focus on solving any problem, helping a person or satisfying a (rich and influential) person’s desire. It is very ironic but if you want to earn loads of money you should not focus on earning loads of money. Instead, focus on how can I become a more valuable person.


    1. Thank you!! The great thing about the real money is government cannot tax it neither can anyone steal it. It is there with you 24/7

        1. You got it! Mukesh Ambani’s 1 lac. is extremely different from my 1 lac.

          Here the money’s value lies in the hand of the person owning it. Mukesh Ambani can do such great things with that 1 lac. which I (currently) cannot dream of doing in 10 crores.

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