Why Financial Literacy is a must for you?

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Because it’s all about money. Isn’t it? We often say you can’t buy everything with money, money can’t buy happiness and money is the root of all evil. But when you think about it deeply and a bit more rationally, you will come to know that this whole world is being run by money itself.

Money is the biggest of the big things. We are living in a world of Industries and big companies who make millions and millions of money. Each and every product and service comes with a price. As we say “You can’t make a scene if you don’t have the green” (green meaning money)

A lot of us are missing a huge opportunity to create wealth which could come from the prosperity of these corporate giants. We simply don’t know how to make the money work for us. We put our money in bank fixed deposits where safety drags down the interest rates and miss out the huge returns we could get by owning shares in these fast growing companies.

Not only are we missing those awesome returns, but also a feeling of proud which comes from owning those shares and knowing that your money is contributing to the prosperity of the nation.

I have been exploring the world of Equities & stock market and learning about big companies and how did they get there. It always fascinates me. You just need to have a handful of money and you could be a little owner of SBI, Reliance or IndiGo airlines. How awesome is that!!



Currently, I am a small owner of IndiGo airlines. As you can see above, I have 159 shares and sitting on a 38K profit. It gives me immense pleasure when I see an IndiGo airplane in the air and when I think that I too am a small owner of this airplane. As long as people continue to fly and my company stays profitable, I am sure I will be making a lot of money.

I regularly check the internet for any news regarding my company. I always attend the shareholder’s conference call at every quarterly result. I have also subscribed to their email alerts from their official website. You too can check the email alerts under ‘contact us’ tab.

I have learned financial literacy by reading various books on this topic. I have started educating myself financially by reading Robert Kiyosaki’s Legendary book Rich Dad Poor Dad. I have also read Peter Lynch’s trio on investing. Then, I read other books of Robert Kiyosaki namely Cashflow quadrant, Guide to investing and ‘Why A students work for C students’.

I learned the basics of investing in India by Zerodha’s varsity

I hold a personal opinion that it is crucial for every individual to educate themselves financially if they want to get ahead in the game of life. You have to learn how to make your money work for you rather than you working for it.

If you too want to embark on this journey of educating yourself financially, I invite you to start with the same book that I started my journey two years back. You can buy Rich Dad’s book via the following link:

Before you go through above link, do know that if you decide to purchase through this link, I will get a small commission but at no extra cost to you.

I am not recommending this book because I will get a commission. If you think that please do not buy this book via this link. I am recommending because I have read that book myself and this is one of my favorite books on money. I am deeply fascinated by the author and his way of thinking about financial education. I am recommending because I want you to be financially literate and there is no other book better than this book to get started.

I want to thank you for reading this article. This was a rather long post. Please let me know what you think of getting financially literate and if you have already read Rich Dad’s book, I would love to hear your thoughts on that.



  1. It’s important for middle-class families in India to invest in Mutual Funds and Shares….. FDIs in banks may be safer, but a small portion of income if put in MFs or Shares surely yield good results without any noticeable safety issues….. So yes financial literacy is a must for at least middle class people in India…

    1. You are absolutely correct moneylover. Middle class in India should definitely invest in mutual funds.

      But the current scenario​ is not so good. According to the recent survey done by SEBI, less than 10% of Indians invest in Mutual funds whereas in US every second person is a mutual fund investor. Clearly we a long way to go.

      You can read more about the survey done by SEBI here:SEBI Survey

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